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"Out of the Darkness" walk, parts donations, and some racecar progress this week.

This week saw a good number of things happen team-wide. Team members were very active, from creating our trifold pamphlet that will travel with Joey Sanchez over to SEMA next week, a suicide awareness walk, some great donations, and of course progress on the racecar.

The Lenk and Hawton Families representing ROCo Racing at the "Out of the Darkness" walk in Austin put on by AFSP

Saturday morning a number of our members participated in a suicide prevention and awareness walk organized by AFSP called "Out of the Darkness" in Austin at the state capitol building. We are striving toward a closer relationship with each of the charities we support, and events like this are critical drivers in that progress.

A fantastic donation from a local individual, we now have the beginnings of our links, as well as lots of great RuffStuff rod ends/heim joints!

In-Kind donations, such as these 2" x 0.250" wall link tubes and these massive Ruff Stuff heim joints, are an enormous help to the team, but they also truly excite us and show us that people are engaged and interested in what we are setting out to accomplish.

More pretty parts...

Steering heims, grade 8 hardware, and misalignment spacers... all critical components we were thrilled to receive.

Just when you think that's all the heims we'll need... there are more!

Now, on to our build progress for this week! First we will start off with what we promised last time - the body coming off of the frame!

Next, some time-lapse footage of Erik, Brad, and Sam stripping off unneeded parts. The steering box, sway bars, shock mounts, fuel and brake lines, and many other items needed to be removed.

Next to go will be the axles and suspension!

This leaves us with our blank canvas; the frame which will serve as the foundation for our racecar! Our next update will include lots of cutting; the suspension mounts will come off of the frame to prep it for its new links and suspension, the floors and firewall will get cut out of the body, and axle tube mounts will be stripped from the tubes. Stay tuned, and thank you for following our progress!

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